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we are birb

we must dance

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when your friends do something cool without youimage


When we least expect it…. 


You’re killing Gavin.

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My first giveaway for my followers [ There will be 3 winners ] ~<3

Giveaway ends April 21st , 2014 @ 12 am EST. International shipping is provided :D


  • Must be following Riyeolbb [ I will check (✪㉨✪) ]
  • No giveaway blogs [ ‘︿’ I will check archive ]
  • You can reblog as much as you want and likes count as an entry too
  • Must be 17 years of age or have Parent Permission and be willing to give me your address so I may mail you the items; I don’t want to get in trouble. Also your ask box must be open so I can message you if you win.

Giveaway consist of;

  • 2NE1 Crush  Pink Ver. [CD, Booklet, Poster, and Photocard]
  • 2NE1 Crush Black Ver. [CD, Booklet, Poster, and Photocard]
  • Bangtan Boys Skool Luv Affair [CD and Booklet]
  • Girls Generation mini album Mr.Mr [CD and Poster]
  • SM the Ballad Breathe [Korean or Chinese]
  • Btob 뛰뛰빵빵 [CD, Poster, and Photocard]
  • Long Beanie [Your choice of color] 
  • Parental Advisory [Your choice of color] 
  • EXO Wolf 88 [Hoodie- Medium or Large. If you need a smaller or bigger size please state so in the ask if you win]
  • Rilakkuma Bento box
  • Baviphat Apple Magic Lip Tint
  • Pororo training chopsticks [Your choice between the 3; also have a reference pic if needed]
  • World Circle Lens [Your choice in colors shown; blue, black, green. Also works on brown, hazel, and other eye colors] 
  • Etude House Princess Eyelash Volume & Long lash [Your choice of listed; have bigger pictures for winners]
  • TONYMOLY Petite Bunny Lip Gloss [Your choice of colors; 9 different colors]
  • For guys who probably don’t want Bunny Lipgloss, eyelashes, and ect; Male Winners, you can have your choice of anything within the price range of 75 USD. But please choose from a save and trustful site. [I will check the site before approving]

Winners get the choice of;

1st Place

  • Your choice of any 2 albums listed above
  • Your choice of beanie [any color]
  • Your choice of Parental Advisory [any color]
  • EXO Wolf 88 Hoodie
  • Rilakkuma Bear Bento Box
  • Apple Magic Lip tint
  • Your choice of Pororo training Chopstick [any character shown]
  • Your choice of Princess Eyelash [Volume or Longlash; two of each type are available but only choose one]
  • Your choice in World Circle Lenses [Any color listed above]
  • Your choice of Petite Bunny Lip Gloss [Any 9 colors]
2nd Place;
  • Your choice of two albums [Which ever 4 after 1st place chooses]
  • Your choice in Beanie [Any color]
  • Your choice in Parental Advisory [Any color]
  • Your choice in Pororo training chopstick [between 2 not chosen]
  • Apple Magic Lip Tint
  • Your choice of Princess Eyelashes [Between 3 not chosen]
  • Your choice in World Circle Lenses [Between 2 not chosen]
  • Your choice in Petite Bunny Lip Gloss [Any color]
3rd Place;
  • Two albums [Ones listed above that previous winners didn’t choose. But if you really don’t want the ones left then we can talk about different selections]
  • Your choice of Beanie [any color]
  • Your choice of Parental Advisory [any color]
  • Pororo training chopstick [Last one remaining]
  • Your choice in Princess Eyelashes [Between two remaining]
  • World Circle Lenses [Remaining one. Unless you really don’t want the remaining one then we can talk about different selections]
  • Your choice in Petite Bunny Lip Gloss

How the winners will be chosen;

  • I will using random.org to determine the winners
  • I will message the winners. If after 24 hours there is no reply then I will choose a new winners.
  • Tracking will be provided with package.

Thank you for participating and good luck!                                                                                    (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Musée du Louvre, Paris, 2005

Photo by Candida Höfer

See more Candida Höfer posts here.

#That's so me!
The single Taurus indirectly hating that they’re single….



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Hey guys! It’s been a while! 

Guess what? 

My birthday is coming up on the 15th (gross). So I wanna do something for everyone because why not, right? And I can actually do longer giveaways with my new found love of the google form thing so. Here goes nothing. 

(also I got a new computer so I don’t have my fonts installed yet, hence the weird looking banner, I’m sorry :( )

  • Someone is going to win a lacrosse hoodie. 
  • Any size. Any character.
  • Shipped anywhere. 
  • The enter, fill out this form.
  • Winners will be messaged on APRIL 15th at 10PM EST.
  • NOTE: I’ll be leaving for BiteCon on the 16th, so after winners are messaged and what not, if I go kind of radio silent, it’s because I’m on a plane or packing frantically. Please don’t stress out.

As always, hoodies are available here.

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I should stop working out.


those 10 seconds after your laptop dies when u just hopelessly stare at the dark screen